WHO WE ARE:  Storiar Theatre is an entertainment company, founded in 2016 by award-winning storyteller and songwriter Jordan Pearson.  After writing three original full-length musicals in high school, including an adaptation for the one-act play ‘Inside Al’ which debuted in 2010, Jordan served a mission in Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ and graduated with a General Studies degree in Business from BYU, where he also served as President of the Rotaract Club.  He founded Storiar Theatre in fulfillment of his dream to inspire, uplift, and edify people all over the world through creating unparalleled stories.  Notable accomplishments include: Judge’s Choice Award winner for ‘Original Song’ in the International Songwriting Competition of Nashville, 5th place winner of the Cinematic Scoring Competition for the Indie Gathering Film Festival, Finalist Winner and Speaker in the Semi-Annual Donald Sloan Speech Showcase, and Finalist Presenter in the BYU Student Sperry Symposium.

WHY WE EXIST:  Our purpose and passion is edifying the human spirit through the creating and telling of unparalleled stories. We accomplish this by developing unforgettable stage musicals for professional and nonprofit live theatrical performances across the world.

WHAT WE BELIEVE:  We believe in doing the right thing.  We are always learning, and always asking the question, ‘How can I make this better?’ and/or ‘How can I make myself better?’.  We develop impeccable talent and collaborate with those who exemplify our values.  We serve, respect, encourage, and empower other people. We cultivate a creative spirit by providing a loving, safe, open-minded, non-judgmental environment where creators and collaborators can express their ideas with candor. We are honest and truthful in our dealings. We believe in building extraordinary leaders and real life heroes.  We strive diligently to make a significant impact on the world. We support the family unit by creating wholesome, entertaining, and unforgettable experiences for fathers, mothers, and children all over the world.

HOW WE SUCCEED:  We implement three essential strategies to fulfill our purpose:  1. Create the most valuable shows on the planet.   2. Become the industry standard of phenomenal storytelling.   3. Build a world class network of the world’s greatest talent.

Frequently Asked Quetions

Ready to perform?  Licensing is the process of acquiring the performance rights to a show, which is legally required by non-profit, regional, and professional theaters.

The first step is to select a show from our catalog that you would like to obtain the performance rights to perform.

Second, use the form on our contact page to request a perusal of the materials, including a Libretto, Orchestral Score (if applicable), and other materials.

Next, submit an application with all the information regarding your show, including your theater size and performance dates.  Once your application is submitted, you will receive a performance agreement.

Finally, sign and date your performance agreement and receive the materials you need to put on a show!

Performance fees are based on a number of factors, which are specific to your production.  Contact us today to request an application and we’ll send you a performance quote!

Materials will be specific to each show.  Typically, materials include Librettos, Orchestral Scores, and Instrumental Tracks.

Any performance of a copyrighted work for an audience must be licensed, regardless of whether or not admission is charged, whether a performance is public or private, or whether or not it is commercial or non-profit.