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At Storiar Theatre & Entertainment, we create unparalleled, spectacular stage musicals for live theatrical performance across the world. Our creative works are based on original stories and public domain classics, featuring original book, music, and lyrics by award-winning storyteller and songwriter Jordan Pearson.

Now more than ever, the world is craving more theatre. That’s why we’re committed to creating heartfelt, dynamic, and exciting stories that enrich the human experience and bring us together.  So immerse yourself in our reputable repertoire and bring an unforgettable show to your stage!

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The Lion’s Den concept album is now available on Youtube!  Listen now below:

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You can license any of our available stage musicals for your local, regional, or professional theater production.  Upon purchase, you will receive a full performance agreement complete with Show Librettos, Full Orchestral Scores, Instrumental Tracks, and more.  Visit our Shows page and find the right musical for you today!


Interested in producing or investing in a show?  Contact us today to learn more about available opportunities.  Thank you for your consideration!

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